Power Up Renewable Energy Co-operative

Welcome to PURE

Community-Based Sustainable Energy Strategies for Dufferin County and the Headwaters Region

PURE Mission

Power Up Renewable Energy is a non-profit co-operative with a mission to develop the generation of sustainable energy and promote the efficient use of energy.


  • Engage the community, businesses, government, and individuals in energy conservation and renewable energy projects;
  • Identify and develop wind resources or other renewable energy sources in Dufferin County and surrounding areas in cooperation with the local community;
  • Enable individuals and businesses to invest in sustainable energy projects that yield a stable and reasonable economic return;
  • Contribute to the development of Dufferin County and surrounding areas as a sustainable society and economy through the development of community-based renewable energy projects;
  • Enhance local prosperity by reducing the dependence on imported energy with energy conservation and sustainable generation;
  • Promote renewable energy through education, advocacy and project development.

Power Up Renewable Energy Co-operative
Dufferin County and Headwaters Region